Everything you ever wanted to know about Girls Brigade in Glasgow

Girls Brigade 1893 - 2019

  • Girls Brigade was created from the 

    amalgamation of 3 Christian women organisations, the Girls Brigade of Ireland, the Girls Guildry (which was founded in Glasgow) and the Girls Life Brigade in England.
  • The first ‘international’ groups began in Jamaica in 1923, and were soon followed in 1925 by women pioneering work in Capetown, South Africa and Latvia
  • Today Girls brigade reaches girls and young women in 49 countries worldwide. From South East Asia to the Caribbean. Enriching the lives of all the girls it touches along the way.
  • Structure; GB has quite an ordered structure with Companies being at the grass roots level. The companies are grouped into local districts then the districts are grouped into Divisions like Glasgow. Then all the Divisions in a country come under the umbrella of National
  • GB is a Christian organisation and each company will be affiliated with a church, in fact most GB companies are ran from Church halls.
  • GB is open to all girls and young women no matter what their faith may be.

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