Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Girls Brigade is a Christian organisation but I don't go to church, can I still volunteer?

A: Yes of course. GB is Christian youth organisation but we are open to people of all faiths or none, wether that is an adult who wants to volunteer with us or a girl who wants to join.

Q: What training is provided for adults who want to volunteer?

A: Training is provided by the national governing body, Girls Brigade Scotland. Most of the training is now online for greater convenience but there are occasions where you must attend in person, for example to do Child Protection Training.

Q: What other opportunities can GB bring to my/my daughters life?

A: GB can be the path to learning all about leadership. Even if you or your daughter decide not to go all the way through to becoming a commissioned officer you will still learn valuable skills that can be taken back to the work place or higher education. Many girls also use GB to complete their Duke of Edinburghs award or Queens Award.

Q: What does a normal company night look like?

A: On an average company night the girls will usually do some of their badgework which will have been chosen by their section leaders from the folder given to us by HQ. This may involve a craft or game or story and will vary depending on the age of the section. Then they will most likely take part in some games, like Soup, Corners and Ladders, just for fun. But company nights can also include baking, singing, dancing, debating, research and a whole host of other things.