Divisional President

I have been in Girls Brigade since I was 5 years old and have loved every minute as a girl and as a leader.   I started in a company in the east end of Glasgow and after I married I moved to Renfrewshire but returned to my old company 20 years later.  It was like going home.   I never served in any other position other than as a leader until 5 years ago when I was asked to join the Glasgow team.   It is a privilege to be part of this team who work tirelessly to the benefit of the girls within Glasgow. 


Divisional Vice President

I have been a member of The Girls’ Brigade for over 50 years (I know, I don’t look old enough!!) since

joining the 3 rd East Kilbride Company where I am now Captain. I was commissioned as an officer in

1980 and have been Captain for approximately 20 years. I am an Elder in Moncreiff where the

company meets. I work full time in Scottish Power and in my spare time I enjoy spending time with

family, especially my two young nephews.



Divisional Commissioner

I am currently Commissioner for the Division. I have been in Girls’ Brigade for 22 years. I began helping in the Explorers when my daughter was a Junior and I was commissioned in 1998. I am an officer in the 65th Company that meet in Springfield Cambridge Church in Bishopbriggs. I enjoy working with the girls and officers in my company. I have met so many inspiring people in my time in Girls’ Brigade and it is always a pleasure to commission new officers.  I would say one of my favourite times in the GB calendar is the outings and camps. I am also part of the Discovery Award Group for the over 50’s and this is also a lot of fun.


Deputy Commissioner and Training Coordinator

I have been in GB since the age of 6 and was commissioned as an officer in 1983. I spent a number of years working away, and came back to my company (62nd) in 2002. I normally work with Brigaders in the company and it seemed a natural progression to get involved in leadership training. I am also on the GB Scotland national training team. I enjoy being part of the Executive, helping with events and keeping the Division running well. My favourite part of the year is seeing girls who've come through the company getting their Brigader Brooch at the City Chambers. I'm also taking part in the Discovery Award for over 50s. 



Divisional Treasurer

I have been a member of Girls' Brigade since the age of 5 and became an officer in 1969 and then Captain of the 63rd Cranhill GB Company approximately 30 years ago.   I have been Deputy Commissioner, Commissioner and I am presently President of the NE District.   I am currently  Treasurer of GB Greater Glasgow Division. 

I enjoy helping at the Competitions, The Gatherings and other events held be the Division as it is good to see the girls taking part and enjoying themselves.


Divisional Chaplain

Iain is our Divisional Chaplain. He has been working with the Divisional Executive since the 2015/16 term and is enjoying seeing the passion and enthusiasm that the Executive team have for growing GB in the Glasgow area.



Northern District Co-Ordinator

Claire has been a part of GB since she was 8 years old and has been an officer for over 10 years now. Recently she took over the Captaincy of her company the 92nd. Claire's favourite part of the GB calendar is when her company go away to their weekend camp, usually somewhere adventurous.


Cumbernauld District Co-Ordinator

Samantha is always the first to get up and get people moving. With a great enthusiasm and imagination for games so enjoys working the girls on a weekly basis and loves to see them having fun. Sam also works for BB through in Edinburgh and is able to transfer her skills between Girls Brigade and Boys Brigade to enliven everyones future.



East Kilbride District Co-Ordinator

My name is Katie and I have been part of the 7th East Kilbride Girls brigade for 20 years. I have came through the company from explorers to becoming an auxiliary and have been a commissioned officer since 2014. I am the district coordinator for East Kilbride. My favourite time of the year in girls brigade is display and going to camp. I love seeing all the sections pull together to put on a good display and see everyone enjoying themselves and having fun. I have so many fond memories of going to camp throughout my time at girls brigade making lots of friends for life and trying new things. 


Southern District Co-Ordinator

With drive and determination there comes Erika. Having gotten involved with GB several years ago simply as a volunteer she has worked hard to gain the role of captain and her company continues to have a bright future because of it. 



Director of Operations

Sandra is a very dedicated team member, she enjoys attending GB events with her company and realises the importance of bringing the girls together as often as possible to share ideas and stories as well as making new friends. 


North Eastern District Co-Ordinator

 have been in GB since I was 5 - quite a long time now! I am currently District Co-ordinator of the North East area of Glasgow.
I have served in several positions within the GB family from National level through to Vice Chair of the European Fellowship where I got to meet our fellow sisters in other countries. My most privileged moment was to attend ICGB in Thailand which was a wonderful and very spiritual experience. 
Working alongside our girls each week is what we are all about and being able to empower them to become confident young women who will grow to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.